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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Honor thy Father and Mother | あなたの父と母を敬う| Honora Patrem tuum et Matrem

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     .....'Some of the snags you will encounter are irritation, hurt feelings and resentments. Your (parent) will sometimes be unreasonable and you will want to criticize. Starting from a speck on the domestic horizon, great thunderclouds of dispute may gather. These family dissensions are very dangerous, especially to (you). Often you must carry the burden of avoiding them or keeping them under control. Never forget that resentment is a deadly hazard to an alcoholic. We do not mean that you have to agree with your (parent) whenever there is an honest difference of opinion. Just be careful not to disagree in a resentful or critical spirit.

--Alcoholics Anonymous 117:1
************************************************************ ***************          'If you think 'If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your parents'.

 --Elkhart Tole
************************************************************ ***************     'It's Hard to be Kind to the Poor'.

--St. Vincent de Paul  ************************************************************ ***************     

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