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Thursday, September 10, 2015

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     A thousand people cannot convince one by words to the extent that one person!
can convince a thousand, by deeds.

--Zoroastrian Proverb

     What you are -
Speaks so loudly!
that I cannot hear what you are saying.


     We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations and affairs.

--Alcoholics Anonymous 19:1

     Thursday 10-Sep-2015 | NY, NY

     Today has me thinking about the examples we set in life.  

     In AA, as in parenting, we are most of us most of the time oblivious to the fact that our young learn 99% of their attitudes, outlooks and ideas by watching what we do, not by listening to what we say.

     This I realized the hard way when at about ten years sober my sponsees loathed and detested the same people and meetings I did (let us please forget how sick it is that hate was a part of my life at all at the time for the present moment).

     Out of this I proceeded to revisit many heretofore unconsidered 'old ideas'.  How I felt about immigrants, the economy, politics, you name it.  To my horror I realized that most of my views were not my own.  I had been taught - oh so carefully taught - to hate, by unwitting teachers who unconsciously follow a curriculum they were unwitting indoctrinated into - by those who actually loved them, also.

      Completing step 9 and a vigorous application of 10, 11 & 12 is for most of us the first step in breaking the unconscious teaching of our less salable attributes and the beginning of a new life - awake to how our thoughts, works and oh yes deeds - affect my students and my fellow pilgrims at large.

     They are watching us, these young future fellows of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This I must keep in mind in all I do.

     What a wonderful life we have in AA!  I am so overpaid.  Thank you for my life - and your example.

--COG, 1st. Class

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