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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Habeo Deos Dusciplinum | 私は宗教を持ってい ます | Tengo la Religion | I've Got Religion

     Religion is what keeps the poor -
from murdering the rich.

--Napolean Bonaparte 
     Religion was invented -
When the first con man met the first fool.

--Mark Twain

     Tuesday , 22-Sep-2015 | Happy Wednesday

     I've been silent lately while I go through one of many spiritual recalibration in my journey through the 'realm of the spirit'.  I must tell you the most difficult decision I face on a daily basis is whether to write - or not / when I've nothing to say.  There is part of me that wishes to post daily, so as to be consistent in my writing practice.  That part of me has a name:  ego.  And as my friends in East LA would say:  mi ego no es mi amigo'.

     That said, much is in the news lately regarding the upcoming visit from The Bishop of Rome;  mostly by those who exalt His Emminence with an almost rock-star-like status.  The atmosphere, the media, the talk of the town is so rife with convenient Catholicsm and hypocrisy I shall leave the obvious to the pundits.

     Except for this: Yes! most 'who claim Him do not follow Him';  Yes!  most 'claim Him when His teachings are easy and not too difficult to follow'! Yes / most people say one thing and do another.

     In other words we are all human.  Bill said it best:  'there is a little bad in the best of us, and a little good in the worst of us,  'Be quick to see where religious people are right' is the final word on religion our Book leaves us with.  And thankfully so, for I needed all of it - every little piece of hope I got from every religion I groped as I found my way to a rock solid 'path that really goes somewhere'.

     My final thoughts on the Pontiffs visit is this:  his fanfare, real or imagined, is at least generating thought and emotion and talk of God and charity and goodbyes in a society that has long since closed the door on God.  

     At least Her kids are talking about her in the warm light of day again, and to this I say hallelujah!


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