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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lost Art of Compassion

I've been practicing compassionate meditation for over a year now, with varying degrees of success...the first trip into the center was eerily familiar, though somewhat frightening. Discovered quite by accident, compassion seems to be the true path to happiness, but teachers - I have no teachers here. Or do I?

On my way to my new home group, past the statue of Our Lady is the only Tibetan Monastery in Long Beach - the very epitome of Compassionate (Shamatha) Meditation. I have seen some of the monks out back, actually talking on cell phones and simply walking around, but I had no idea they were part of the solution I have been working toward, or that they were so close to my home group.

Sunday, I shall have to see what lies inside the Temple. Always, I seem to get so close to the waters edge, yet I never seem to take a drink. More will be revealed...

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