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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I'll Miss About New York

Better than bitch and moan about 3 hours sleep in the last 48 hours packing and driving till my eyes cross, I sit here in the Econolodge at Lake "where-the-frig-are-we" Virginia thinking about all the wonderful things in New York I'll miss.

Drum roll, Maestro...

#20 - Getting Rolfed by the magnificent Samuel Adams - I'm going to miss you, Sam...
Now it's April 13th.  Talk about dedication.
#19 - Getting attitude from the cops - and giving it right back.
#18 - Shoe shines.  There used to be a guy on the Staten Island ferry who chased me around with a shine box - he had no teeth, a frightening wasting disease and a visible plate in in his head - now I'd kiss his feet.  In the words of 'Billy Bat's' - go get your shine box!
#17 - As big as it was, everyone knew my name.
#16 - Nobody cares how fast you drive, as long as you didn't hit anybody.
#15 - Park anywhere - you can pay the ticket faster than they can tow it.
#14 - Real cheese.
#13 - Real Chinese food.  Think this close to Beijing they'd get it right.
#12 - Shoe Shines.  I know I said it already.
#11 - Actually attending class vs. finishing school online.  I miss it.
#10 - Atlantic Highlands.  There - the truth is out.  I love it now.
#9 - Ciao Bella's - Mother Mary what meatballs.
#8 - The Bayard Street restaurant - best dumplings on earth.
#7 - Riding by bike from Sandy Hook to Waretown - and back.
#6 - The 96th St workshop
#5 - Trinity church
#4 - Our Lady of Victory
#3 - Central Baptist Church
#2 - Jerry, Lenore, Christian and Paige
#1 -Dear old Mom.

PS - Go get your shine box.


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