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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Destination Tokyo

When God Shows Up, S(HE) Shows Up

When You Hear the Voice of God, You Listen
30 August, 2008 Midnight
Tokyo Marriott, Ginza Hotel

Thursday night before this trip to Thailand, Jerry and I paid a little visit to the Chapel. I am still not sure what happened, but the statue is not a statue. She is something much greater than that. Whatever it is that happened, it has profoundly changed me. She was vibrating before I went into the Chapel, and She was vibrating after. And she has this to say to me: 'Ecclesiastes'.

I read Ecclesiastes. It is about love for God, devotion to truth, and finding the Virtue in all of us - in short, Rectitude. Everything I have been searching for. In Tokyo while I was changing flights I heard a voice while changing planes - 'Stay in Tokyo'. So here I stay. I no longer belong on the East Coast - this has been apparent to me for quite some time.

I just found out the Rebels have taken the airport's in Phuket and Bangkok.  Had I stayed on the plane past Narita I would have been stranded.  Now here I sit in Tokyo, on an unplanned visit wearing only the clothes on my back and packing enough Lycra to cycle 1000 miles in Thailand.  Except, my hands were shaking so badly after the visitation(s) that I was quite simply unable to pack my bicycle.  Now I spend my time wandering Tokyo, moving from one adventure to the next.  I have fallen in love...twice.

My boss has been sent to me to enlighten me - he has destroyed my pain body. I owe this to him. Now is the time to live - the time to heal - the time to laugh - to enjoy all things under the sun. Here - in Tokyo.

And so it goes.

I feel as if I have been born here.

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