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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Volatilia ad Sibi | フェザーの鳥 | Pájaros del Mismo Plumaje | Birds of a Feather

     I could easily forgive his pride,
It he had not mortified mine.

--Jane Austin

     The sponsors of those who feel they need no inventory are confronted with quite another problem. This is because people who are driven by pride of self unconsciously blind themselves to their liabilities. 

--Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (70:1)

     Almost none of us liked the self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confession of shortcomings which the process requires for its successful consummation.

--Alcoholics Anonymous (87:0)

     24-Aug-15 | Happy Wednesday everyone!

     So, I’ve been getting nag emails at work to complete a minor task that has been eating up a major chunk of my life.  The issue – on the surface at least – is that I am required in my work role to upload certain documents for audit reasons.  However, the upload system was designed by who I must guess is a real-life reincarnation of everybody’s favorite Inquisitor – Torquemada.  Worse still, I know for a fact all direction and instruction was pasted from 3 separate foreign languages into English (via Google Translator) and the resulting verbiage provided to complete these minor tasks become Herculean and vexing at the least.

     I could have easily at any time reached out to my peers and said, ‘hey!  I know how to get this done if I knew I could get this done, can you help me?  But nooooooooooo – my foolish pride reared its head, for if there is anything I detest more than asking for directions in my car, it’s asking for directions at work.  So, the whole thing finally blew up this morning and when I fessed up to my boss he asked me what seemed an easy enough question on the surface, which is:  ‘why didn’t you just ask for help’?

     I was speechless.  Which I assure you does not happen often.  A quick spot inventory revealed that those nettlesome seven parts of self were hurt or threatened – Pride, Self Esteem, Emotional Security, Personal Relationships, Ambitions, Financial Security & Intimacy were all hurt or threatened.  A seven bagger for sure.  These as we all know feed the four hideous horsemen in Column Four of The Inventory.

     For months I’ve been blaming ‘the damned tool’.  The real problem in this one was the idiot between the chair and the keyboard.  At times I can become so invested in ‘being the guy’, that it gets in the way of being of maximum service because I spend the whole day in my head, all alone, in the problem.  No bueno all around.

     In this case I admitted my fault, got the work in, dusted myself off and made a firm resolution to all around that I’d work harder in the future not to do this.

     Pride not only goeth before the fall, but as money is the root of all evil, pride is the mother of all resentment and a perpetual torrent of spiritual cancer.

     And so each day we grow.  The amazing utility of this program never ceases to amaze me.  We are so fortunate to have this blueprint for living.

     I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for my life.

     Yours in love and service,

--COG, 1st. Class & Megan D., Editor.

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