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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life Is For the Living | 人生ゲー・対して ザ 暮らし| Vita Est Pro Victus


Sorry for the quality folks - this was taken from my iPhone in the heat of the moment!


     First full day in New York City and all I can say is wow! Slept in, got some writing done, then headed down to Sam's for rolfiing session number two. However, on the way I actually had the pleasure to finally meet Janeane Garafolo - I mean, really got to talk and laugh and really enjoy her company - what a great gal! I've always found her sexy as hell and I love her politics, her acting and especially her comedy, but up close - she is HOT! Thank you Janeane for allowing me to slobber all over you and make a fool of myself.

     Because of AA I've met the Queen of England, two Vice President's of the United States, a former Russian Prime Minisister (in an honest to God AA meeting), two Secretary's of State, and many, many celebrities in my many (former) years in the restaurant business, but this was by far the most fun I've ever had with my pants on. Woo-hoo and thank you, Janeane.  I felt 16 all over again.  Come to think of it, I've lived in freak-show central for over a year now and I've seen nary a celebrithy - could it be becuase everyone there is a prisoner of their car?  It feels so good to be within walking distance of everything again for a change!  This is why I love NYC, Tokyo, San Francisco, London and Paris - you can walk to everything!  Now, those are cities; LA is - well, 39 suburbs in search of an identity; and an oxygen tent.

     Oddly enough, as I sit here and write I realize I've only been home 24 hours but it seems as if I've never left. After getting Rolfed by Sam, he, Debbie and I went over to that NYC landmark the Russian and Turkish baths in the East Village for a two hour Schvitz, Plataz and Schvitz, followed by a walk over to the 120 year old Katz's deli on Houston Street ('send a salami to your boy in the army'). I had fresh brisket on REAL bread, Motza Ball soup, a kosher hot dog and that NYC rareity - a can of Cel-Ray soda. If I had a choice between tonight and a full year in Hef's mansion, I'd take tonight anyday. I even had the pleasure of telling one of NYC's finest to kiss my ass and lived to tell the tale. I love this place!

     Home studying now - have to defend my thesis next week and get ready for finals. May I always remain thankful to Alcholics Anonymous for putting such good friends in my life for getting me past this last year, the most difficult year of my life.

     I am so grateful to be alive, happy and healthy all at the same time, and I owe it all to God and AA. Not any one group; I don't worship humans; I worship God almighty.  But to AA in general, for I now consider myself a global member of Alcholics Anonymous, a movement so grand to limit yourself to one group is a human tradgedy.

     Tomorrow it's back to my old home group for some regular meetings, and then I fear I shall have to summon the courgage to visit my ailing sponsor in Long Island.  I love him so, and it breaks my heart to see him suffer so.  At 90 he's lived such a rich and full life, but I do hope God see's fit to ease his suffering.  Thank you, David, thank you, I love you, and I am grateful that you loved me enough to say 'shut up and do the steps.  When you write your own book, we'll ask you how to get sober.  In the meantime, start writing...I'd rather step on you toes than stand on your grave'.

     I love my sponsor now, but I hated him when he leaned on me. However, my life is a screaming success today becuase I've had a sponsor who taught me through step work that my primary dependence is always to be upon God.  I've got a good life today becuase I can follow simple directions - like those found in the first 164 pages of our Book.

Life is for the living.  'Get busy living, or get busy dieing...that's damned right'.

God bless us all, every one.

COG, 1st Cl.


  1. LOL - looks like you're taking 'El Barrio' by storm - again. NYC is too small a stage for you!

    Mira - come up to The Bronx and visit your homies, ok? El Groupo Paradiso want's you back again this year from Thanksgiving.


  2. Chino!

    Como esta psycho! Thanks for the invite but I'll be at my mom's on Thanksgiving - but I'll be back again Christmas for a few days - I'll call you in a few days - my email is safeandprotected164@gmail.com

    COG 1st Cl.

  3. COG -

    She's getting a little long in the tooth, no? Just kidding - anything's better than that troll you were hanging around wiht at the Round Table. knock 'em dead.



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COG, 1st Cl.